First blog post

Hi everyone! Welcome to Little Brown Cow. This is a story about me, my fellow herd mates, my farm and what happens there and occasionally about my human family. Let me introduce myself. My name is Mut (I know, some may say it’s a silly name but my human mom says I’m named after an Egyptian Goddess). My mom and my sister are named like that too. That’s how my human mom names everyone, there’s families. See like the baby who was born a few days after me, her name is Jordine, her mom is Jordy and her gramma is Jordette. That way my human family can remember which family I am. Cows are similar to people in that you will see a lot of similar traits between generations. Here’s my Pic:

I know. I’m pretty darn adorable. You can see in the picture that I have a pretty pink jacket on. That’s because it’s starting to get a little chilly at night and the jacket keeps me nice and warm. My older sister told me that if I was born in the winter sometimes the humans will add a sweatshirt or throw a towel in the dryer and then tuck it under the jacket so it’s nice and warm. 

You can also see that right now I’m living in a calf hutch. I love it. It is really roomy in there, in fact, it could even fit a whole nother me! After I was born, my mom licked me and got me nice and dry and then my humans put me in the hutch. I’m glad they did for a few reasons:

1) All the cows calve(or give birth) in a part of the barn that’s full of nice fluffy straw that gets cleaned regularly. However, I am just a baby so there’s no guarantee that in my wobbling around I won’t end up lying in a pile of poop. I’m just like a human baby in that I can get infections really easily through my umbilical cord, and lying in poop would be bad.

2) There’s a lot of room in the barn but sometimes the cows like to play. It is very, very easy for me being so little and wobbly to get stepped on. You can imagine me being a 60 pound calf getting stepped on by a 1200 lb cow could cause some serious damage. It could even be fatal.

3) It’s really crucial for me to get colostrum within a few hours of being born. The colostrum contains antibodies that help me stay healthy, especially those first few days when I’m so vulnerable. My humans can milk my mom and then bottle feed me the colostrum to make sure I get enough. Sometimes a cow may not have enough and they will supplement with either a replacer or another cows colostrum. They even have this neat tool called a refractometer which basically can measure the immunoglobulin level to make sure I have what I need. If I was to just drink off my mom instead of being bottle fed, I may not get enough or it may be poor quality.

4) When I’m living in a hutch, my house and always be kept clean and dry. My intake can be measured and I get checked over 2 to3 times a day to make sure I look healthy. My humans get to know me and if I don’t feel good, they can tell right away and help to get me feeling better. 

5)Sometimes babies not being with their moms is what’s best for the cow. Sometimes a cow may need assistance calving and just like humans, may be tired after and not feel like drying me off(that would make me sick come winter!!) Sometimes a cow may leave their baby to go eat, or some really want nothing to do with their baby. Some are really good moms and won’t leave their baby at all, even to eat, which can make them sick. 

I didn’t mind going to live in my house. My mom was upset for a few minutes but once she started eating, she forgot all about it. My human mom doesn’t like having to separate us, since she also has a baby, but she knows it is the best thing for everyone. And she loooooves to give us babies attention. My human dad says she spoils us and turns us all into pets, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. 

I’ve told you a little about me and where I live and why, I’ll quick tell you about my human family and then it’s nap time!! I have a dad and mom and a 8 month old baby brother. He is pretty cute. Mom says he’s been a little cranky lately since he’s finally getting his teeth in! She said he decided to get both bottom ones in at the same time!! My humans also have a pet goat, sheep, pig and donkey. It’s kind of like a book. They also have a few cats and dogs. They just got a new puppy-a Saint Bernard named Gus. He is about as cute as they come!!!

Here he is with his older brother. Like I said, it’s definitely nap time now. I hope you enjoyed my story and follow along as I tell you more about me and my farm!!