Go to Sleep Little Farm

Somewhere a tractor turns off for the night, sleeps in the shed under the moonlight

Somewhere a pigeon flies up to her nest, cooing softly ready to rest

Somewhere a cat curls up and purrs, not even the mice can make him stir

Somewhere the crickets start singing their beat As the dew tucks in a field of wheat

Somewhere a calf makes her bed for the night with a belly full of milk, ready to sleep tight

Somewhere a cow lies down with a sigh, in the soft grass as the stars dance by

Somewhere the night milking is all done now the last time the farmer will milk his cows

Somewhere a pile of bills get left unpaid, as the milkcheck price quickly fades

Somewhere a farmer has to say goodbye to all he has known since he was a boy

Somewhere a farmer wipes away a tear, the first time he’s cried in countless years

Somewhere his grandfathers legacy is gone, his grief and guilt will carry on and on

Somewhere things out of his control, made him say goodbye to all he’s known

Somewhere in the night he pats cows he raised and prays to God they see brighter days

Somewhere he kisses his son goodnight Knowing his son will never know his life

Somewhere a farmer goes to sleep for the night not knowing how to function in his new life

So go to sleep little pigeon, go to sleep little cat go to sleep tractors and old warn out hat

Go to sleep work boots, go to sleep calves, Your work here is done you’re not longer his

Go to sleep fields now overgrown and torn, go to sleep barn all empty and alone

Go to sleep America and say goodbye to farmers everywhere as they close their eyes our family farms will soon be gone. so say goodnight with the setting sun

Go to sleep little farm, your work here is done

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